Thursday, July 31, 2008

3 soakers for a super little girl

These were for a custom which are now on their way to their new home.

They are all 10ply or thicker so great for night time.

The lollypop stripe one is from some lindon merino I got , nice and thick and feels so great. Tough wool if there is such a word.

The purple one is Malabrigo shade Cuarzo which is just to die for soft, but will pill alot , but really something has got to give if it is super soft as it is.

The purple and blue on is some 10ply New zealand wool I got and had a play with dying. I think it looks great.

Hope the receipient like them all.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Beautiful thankyou gift

I received a fantastic thankyou gift in the post last week from the ever gorgeous Michelle.

I got a great book about doing 2 socks at once, an ever so cute sock blocker key chain ( which I have wanted for ever) and some to die for sock wool from Monster knits. Not sure how she worked out green is my favourite colour but she did a fantastic job of selecting my so unexpected gift.

Thankyou from the bottom of my heart. It was so unexpected and it will be enjoyed for years to come.

Travelling wool buddies

A good friend of mine just travelled from mid SA to Noosa but via blue mountains and such.

I asked her if she stops at any wool shops just grab me anything. I rang her one day just to see where they were and said "your not going to Nundle by any chance are you" , she screamed "I am on my way there now".

Besides the tone of wool she brought for herself she brought me this bag of goodies, even asking the lady for a bag with NUNDLE on it so I could have my own special bag.

Recent wooly mail

I was going to write Fluffy mail but that doesn't come to our house anymore. LOL

I have a few purchases lately that i haven't blogged about , so don't think they they have all been in the last week or so.

These gorgeous bags came from and Etsy store , so cute , sweet and functional. I also love the Sunny boy bags she does but they seem to go super fast so will have to keep my eye out for those. Great to hide all those little projects in that seem to end up at the bottom of my knitting bag.

My knitting bag is disgusting, so unorganised. I try to keep most things in it cause I don't want to have to keep getting up when I am knitting cause i forgot something LAZY I think is what you call it.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Op shop no luck

I went to the op shop to see if I could solve some of my above problems but our op shop was very poor on the anything department and the women behind the counter has no idea.

Just because I am in an op shop doesn't mean I am happy to accept anything. I was asking about single bed sheets and she is trying to tell me to use a really ugly quilt cover as a bed sheet.

So we walked out of there with a $1 computer thing for Flynn which is a great learning tool.

The crack up is he was asking me where his "hump do da " was. Gosh i laughed so hard.

I managed to score some sheets from Ebay of Diego which he will love and I only paid $17 total so very happy with BNIP sheets.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Maybe I did get a bargain

I have wanted a decent on of these for ages like a long time.

I finally brought one yesterday from my trusted hairdresser.

Slicktouch hairstraightener - Wait for it I paid $150 OMFG but truly it is worth every cent. My hair looks like I have just come out of the hairdresser.

Apparently it was on sale LOL from $200 and just to prove it here is the buy it now from ebay.

My own little challenge

Now I need a few things since Flynn has gone into a big bed of his own choice.

1. Single bed sheets in boy colours x 2
2. Matress protectors x 2/3

I am going to try to source them at the best possible price if not second hand or try to make my own. We will see how I go soon. I am going to go to our op shop on Thurs but really it is pittyful what they have there so maybe I will have to search further.

Not sure what I will do about the mattress protectors but will put my thinking caps on. Someone suggested a shower curtain.

Feel free to leave idea for me

Friday, July 18, 2008

Wish I could have a sleep LOL

We have had a busy morning going to Hockey and lucky it was home so no travel. Flynn played with his buddy Saxon and has been playing since we got home.

I'm not fussed if he doesn't have a sleep cause he then goes to bed at 6pm or there abouts.

I have been busy baking (see below) and he was eating the mixture bowl but I just went into check on him and found him fast asleep.


What to make when you have so called nothing

Well I really need to go do a big shop and I don't want to take kids or hubbies with me. A big ask.

So this afternoon I have set a task of making stuff out of nothing.

First off make pizza using left over bolognaise sauce from last night with tomato and cheese on top, also green pesto, tomato and cheese one and one lonely garlic pizza which I am eating now YUMMO.

Next I have no meat in the house except a frozen chook but we had roast chook during the week. So I have made Vegie Con carne. Not sure if such a thing exists but it does now. Will see how it tastes later.

I have just made Easiyo Banana yoghurt and quick set jelly in blueberry and pineapple.

I might tackle a cake or two in a minute but thought I would just show you what you can do if you have so called nothing in the house.

Be back later with piccys.

A tiny bit of shopping

I needed to buy something as you do and the two parcels of yarn I recieved yesterday was obviously not enough.

So I ordered this from etsy.

This seller has some seriously gorgeous yarns so I thought a sampler was the best way to get a bit of each and I will decide what to do with it all later.

I also got a delivery from Monsoon designs and The Yarn cafe.

From the Yarn Cafe I got 2 of the manoverboard skeins and 1 Rocky creek. I have no plans for this stuff but i am sure I sometimes just love the colourway and have no idea what to make.

The thoughts of small change

Anyone want to join me in the coin challenge?

Perhaps link back to my blog and we will see if we can get a few of us

I have been doing a little experiment of small change that I collect in a week or so.

Now since last payday I have been not spending coins or giving it to the kids or whatever. I have been using the notes that have been in my purse. I try to get money out once a fortnight and make it last but I have run out in my purse today, so only really have the coins that are in my draw in my bedroom where no one but me will go.

I counted last night and I had $73 OMG how can I accumilate that sort of money in less than two weeks.

I am trying to work out if this means I have saved $73 or just used up all my notes, would I have $70 in notes if i had spent these coins. DON"T THINK SO.

I wonder how long I can go without spending it and not telling any of the kids that it is there.

I am trying to be really good with money and any money I spend on myself has to be made first either through my knitting or selling stuff.

I really want to get one of these so will see how I go. Already over 1/2way there. With the rising cost of petrol it would be good for excercise and such. I already have a baby seat on my bike but I don't feel safe with Flynn on the back so don't ride it much.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Little bit of knitting

I seem to be busy but not producing a hell of a lot really . But i guess i am still enjoying knitting so that is the main thing.

My baby turned 3...........11.07.05

Wow where has that time gone.

My baby turned 3 last friday and even though it is exciting it that he is grown up and is speaking so well , I still want my baby. I love it when he comes to me for a cuddle but also love seeing him wanting to stay at Grandmas and becoming independent.

We opened his presents in the morning and then headed off to the Zoo for the day. We had a nice time seeing all the animals and feeding the childrens zoo animals. We forgot the camera so no actual photos of the zoo but we all know what zoo's look like LOL.

For his birthday he got a Fischer price garage which we have had in the cupboard since he wa 6months old, a Diego rescue thing, puzzles , Diego jacket, Diego cars. Do you think he like Diego? Yes he does.

Enjoy my big boy on his day.

Here is my excuse of a cake. I had grand plans this year but the above is what I was reduced to. I worked all day Thursday and we were out of Friday and I remembered after tea Thurs that I needed to make on. I just grabbed some of his characters and put them on top. Flynn thought it was great and it tasted fine so that is all that mattered.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Flynn's Car Cap - he won't take it off

I made this the other week but wanted to get some car sew ons to go on it but tonight he couldn't find his other hat so I gave him this one, he loved it straight away which is always a worry with him. He either loves something or hates it.

I still haven't got the cars but aiming to get them on Wednesday.

He still wanted me to "click" him anyway (take his photo).

I had planned to make this pattern along time ago but never got around to it and then the Magknits desings closed and went off the internet. If you want the pattern it might be hard to get unless you are on Ravelry and are a bit computer savy.

Sorry been a bit busy

Ghee working more hours takes up my valuable internet and knitting time.

SO what has been happenind.

Have made 5 pairs of longies which have now gone to their homes.

Also made some lovely fingerless gloves in Celtic Knot pattern which I do love but sadly they are going to a raffle for the local Hockey club to raise much needed funds. I have got permission to do this. The pattern was in the latest edition of YARN magazine.

So just a quick one to say "HELLO " and I am still here.