Friday, November 13, 2009

Scary child , but I love her

The girls had to go to a disco last night as SPOOKY. So I got out the war paint and started painting. Sorry about photos but off phone

More piccys

Seascroll socks nice pattern and fit great. Just took a while to get into the groove of things.

Adelaide Show

We went to the Adelaide show as a super last minute decision.

Got up at 7am decided at 7.30am bugger the expense and got in the car by 7.50am on our way to the show.

We had a great day. The kids were fantastic and so well behaved.

I am sure we didn't see everything we wanted to but we were just too buggered by the end of the day to worry about it anymore.

Flynn didn't want all the little kiddy rides No he wants the big kids rides, he had fun and so did the girls. I made Shaun take them on the rides he needed too. LOL

A great NC swap suprise

This is the lovely swap I recieved from Donna from Bits for Bots. Love it just my colour and so great for stitch markers and the like. Thanks Donna I love it and I love the smell of it too. LOL

I just love that someone who doesn't know me in person can pick such a perfect gift.

A few FO, don;t get excited not that many

Calormitry pattern which is very popular of Rav.
Socks for the lovely Melissa NC for a swap she organised. Just a little thankyou. It helps that she has the same size feet as me LOL
Booga bag for a swap on NC for Heidi, hope she like it.

Xmas is coming............

Today is the Adelaide Xmas pagaent and usually we make the journey and have a great morning BUT this year with a forcast of 39 degrees we have decided to give it a miss. BOO HOO.

Flynn has gone for his first big sleepover at Grandmas and Aunty Jo's . He was very excited and so was I but I sure do miss my little man.

Before he left yesterday he went to playgroup where they had an open day. Facepainting, games etc. Total fun really. I didn't see him but suprisinly Flynn got his face painted. He NEVER gets that done, doesn't like facepaint or masks generally but yesterday he suprised me. All the other boys wanted to be scary or transformers but Flynn choose to be a "leopard" NOT a tiger ( I called him that ) LOL. Didn't actually see him but daddy sent me a photo on his phone.

Flynn is just a charming boy who is not like other boys doesn't like superman, transformers, batman, bakagun thingy. He loves dora, diego, roary, finley the fire engine. All the calmer toys. He never fights back if one of the other boys hit him , which is good for now. I wonder if it is his nature or the fact he has two sisters and we don't encourage it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Random snaps from around home

Loosing a dear friend

The other week my dear friend my washing machine, I see her everyday even a couple of times , she died she gave up the ghost "NO MORE WASHING".

I reluntantly went and brought a new front loader and sorry old friend but I love my new friend. She heats up the water if I need it hot, she spins the clothes so lovely and does a super quick wash.

So farewell old maid and welcome new spunky gal to the family.

Kai-Mei finito


Busy week and it is only wed

This week has been so busy and i am not sure how to slow it down without shutting us all away from the world. The washing still piles up the dishes still need doing, cooking , cleaning etc.

Monday - worked daytime, volunteer training night time, one child sick

Tuesday - Drove 80km round trip for Flynn swimming for 1/2hour ( he loves it), baked all afternoon so Morgan could go on camp to day with homemade food instead of camp food cause she is Failsafe. Picked up a friends DS so had two boys home and a sick DD all afternoon , so break up fights and cooking YEAH.

Wednesday - Drove 80km again to go to dentist. Nanna looked after sick child. 1.5hour appoitment took 2.5hours in the chair and I ache now. Had to have a sleep this afternoon briefly cause I felt yuk. Morgan packed and sent on camp

Thurday - Supposed to be at work but sick child so having the day off, Very greatful that I might get some cleaning up done .

Friday - Work all day and then volunteer all night till 6am but no needed to go out unless ambo is called. Would be nice to get a job but that means someone is sick so maybe not.

Saturday - No plans just cleaning again and sorting out stuff for the following week. DH and DD off to hockey all day so just me and two younger kids.

Sunday - Hopefully rest day.

Think I should take a week off work just to slow down but that won't happen

Two posts in a month it must be a record.

Well I have no idea where the weeks go . I just don't seem to have time for alot of the things I want to do or need to do.

Since my last post I have finished as of last night the Kai-Mei and thoughly enjoyed the challenge. It appears that the left sock has one less repeat of the pattern but who cares , seriously no one is gonna be that close to my feet. I do love them but they did seem to take me along time like just over 2 weeks . The reason for this is because I have wasted a lot of knitting time I am told by a friend. I seem to have patterns that require 1. Me to think 2. Following a pattern in a book so not just on paper and all this means they are too hard to be portable.

Missed knitting opportunities in the last two weeks.

1. Flynn swimming lesson x 2 = 1hours
2. Girls swimming lesson x 2 = 1 hours
3. Numerous coffee shop visits with friends = (embarrsingly too many hours LOL)
4. Small snippets of time at home when i could pick up the needles

So you see this project would've been finished long ago but I choose hard patterns. Decision is made I now need to become a multiply project knitter.

I must confess I am a one project girl. I find i loose enthusiasum if I have more than one on the go LOL. I have no come out of the closest and will always have one plain boring project and one harder one mmore challenging one.

No photos as of yet but there will be soon.

A secret swap

As part of the NC world there is a Swap for mum.

My swapper should recieve it soon ( when i post it LOL)

Sneak peak, decided can't show piccy as it gives it away sorry all

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cookie A

I brought the Cookie A sock book Sock innovation after I finally made the Monkey socks and love love love them.

I decided I loved the look of Kai-Mei. I had purchased some new wool from Whimsical wool a new yarn store .

I love how they have turned out stripy and the pattern is just great. It did confuse me a little and I realised I had to let go of all how I have learnt about sock contruction when it came to the foot. Clear your mind and follow instructions.

Now just have to finish the second sock. Don't think SSS will set in just yet

Central Park hoodie

Morgan asked if i could make her one for her birthday so I siad Yes.

I knitted , knitted , knitted and knitted for a month only for her to say "its itchy" and not even get it past her wrist. So deflated.

Neve who never wants anything I make said "i'll have it" You could've knocked me down with a feather it was a shock.

I finished it a brought a zip and she wore it with straight hair on Saturday night.

She loves it so all good.

Waves and blows a kiss

Well the last month has flown by but been busy busy busy. I seem to be saying that a lot lately but it is so true.

My baby turned 4 on the 11/7 and he is just a treasure. He makes me laugh all the time and his interperations of things is so funny sometimes.

We didn't do anything special , we went to Adelaide to see family and wait impatiently for my new nephew to arrive but he didn't.

We also had Morgan 11th birthday on the 24/7 and my new nephew Cooper arrived on the 21/7 so a very busy birthday month.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I love mess NOT NOT NOT

I hate mess involving flour, sugar, dirt anything but I bit the bullet today and let Flynn and two of his friends make biscuits. It is so hard not to say " I'll do it , or let me show you" just to avoid mess and them not doing it right.

I set them up on the back table in the sunshine and I think they had a great time. I will do it again as it wasn't that bad.

Hundreds & Thousands Biscuits (now that I've found natural ones)

60G butter
1/3 C sugar
1 egg
1.5tspn milk
2/3 C sr flour
1/2 C plain flour
200g pkt hundreds and thousands
extra milk

Cream butter, add sugar gradually, beat until light and fluffy. Add well beaten egg and milk. Add sifted SR flour, mix well. Gradually mix in sifted plain flour until dough is firm enough to handle. Refrigerate at least 1 hour. Roll our dough to 5mm thickness between 2 sheets of greaseproof paper, cut with floured 5cm round cutter (we use all different shaped cutters). Put on lightly greased oven trays, brush with milk sprinkle with hundreds and thousands. This can be done by using the cutter as a guide. Bake in mod (180C) for 8-10 minutes. Allow to cool on tray before removing. Makes about 30.