Friday, April 18, 2008


Flynn refuses to wear these and i can't convince him otherwise.

4 sale 1x Large Utiku Bazaar longie SOLD PENDING PAYMENT


Waist 48cm
Rise 46cm
Inner leg 29cm

Adjustable elastic waistband

All measurements unstretched. Price -

So leave a comment if you are interested and I will get back to you, email might be good too.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Swap time again.

This is a soaker I made for Mary. Her mum Suzanne gave measurements as short rise but chubby , so that is why it looks a tad wide.

The yarn was supplied by her mum and not sure of the origin or what dye was used. I think it looks pretty good. Just need to add elastic and post.

Enjoy Suzanne and Mary

What to do with scrap yarn????

Well turn them in to funky bracelets. I did these quick projects for the girls this afternoon. Neves is too big on her wrist so she is wearing it as an anklet. The are super fast and use up scrap yarn.

The main colour is Sugar n Cream in beachball and the black is just bendigo classic black.

They took no longer than 1/2hour and make a great little gift for anyone.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Little Captain Feathersword....

Flynn is mad on Captain Feathsword and when we visit a friends house he rounds up the sword and hat and heads for the car, with me following him and needing to extract them from him with blood curling screams.

Anyway cause he has been doing so well at TT I decided to treat him to a sword and hat. Knowing that k-mart had some i looked in 4 K-marts and nothing not a thing. I managed to find a hat last Saturday but no sword.

Thought I would scan ebay before I gave him the hat.

In the midst of all the renos Flynn found the hat and the look of his little face when he asked "err sword" and I had to say we didn't have one, was very sad.

Anyway the next day he made me laugh and just adore his little face. He found a bird feather, a little one, and came to me to ask for his hat as he now had his sword. This tiny bird feather between his fingers and his feathersword hat. He carried this feather for a few days

Today in the post he got the sword I got off ebay and he was in awe. His face lit up like a christmas tree.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sorry it has been so long

Here are a few random shots from the last couple of weeks.

First some family shots . I was going out for a friends B-day but of course everyone wants to get in on the action. Also Shaun didn;t like my Raverly photo and thought I needed a new one.

Also finished some longies for Flynn, his new night one. He is wearing the most disgusting pair at the moment cause he blew both the knees out of them, but the bum area still works. They are my favourtie and first decent pair so don't want to throw them out just yet. And no the wool isn't salvagable cause they are just too feral .

Also finished a couple of dishclothes.

We have been doing reno here so for the last week or two have been living in mess ( I hate it) and Shaun and I painted all day Monday/Tuesday to get it done. Now have ordered the flooring so hopefully that will be here in a couple of weeks and it will all be complete.