Thursday, December 27, 2007

More Chrissy presents

My sister spoilt the kids with a pool but as the girls are staying in Adelaide for a few days only Flynn got to enjoy it .

I got totally wet just sitting in a chair on the side . But it was fun

Christmas the real thing

Well after Shaun and I waking up at 4.30am ( not nice) and deciding we can't lay here all morning we got up and waited for the kids to get up. I really wanted to give payback for all the early mornings they have given me but i wasn't allowed to.

The kids got up at about 6.30am so not too bad and were super excited. Flynn was too busy playing with the first toy he opened that he forgot to opened anymore. By the end of the day though he was an expert in present opening.

We even got a special visit from the man himself.

Xmas mania

On Sunday 23rd we had friends and lots (15) of kids come around for a Chrissy get together.

The kids all got along so well and we had a Kris Kringle for them which they were super happy about.

A tree got decorated in the middle of the yard and the kids and well as adults just had a ball.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Reversible Cable Scarf off the needles just in time for summer LOL

Gosh know why I needed to do a scarf in summer but i did just for fun.

It was a easy knit once i worked out what c12b meant. I read it as Cable 12 behind and have you ever tried to cable 12 stitches at once , do not do it is a mess. C12B does mean cable 12 behind but you actually split the stitches so you actually hold 6 stitches on the cable needle.

So here it is all finished in its glory just in time for 40+ degreee weather.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Tanya Smart singlets

To be totally honest my kids have never worn singlet bar Morgan for the first week. I haven't really ever like Tie Dye cause it seemed "hippy " to me but I am now the very proud ower of 2 Tanya Smart singlets for Flynn.

I just love them , they are NOT hippy and they look super cute. It gets so hot here in summer that FLynn really needs something to cover him a little.

Tanya I just love them , Love em, Love em.

I love Swaps

This is the swap i recieved from the gorgeous purple_elmo through NC.

Bec did an amazing job of a Santa dishcloth (take a close look) some gorgeous little bags for the girls ans some super shorties for Flynn.

These are the first shorties or longies that he owns made by someone else which makes them super special.

Thanks Bec we love them all.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Update the Reversible Cable scarf

After deciding that it looked fine and with encouragment from the Woolaholics girls I continued with the scarf. Haven't had a great deal of time to knit this week but have done some.


Why is it when you want and need to take photos no-one will listen or sit still.

All I wanted was a nice photo for Chrissy cards but NO.

After all the tears, tantrums and stroppes I gave up.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Problems - knitter, wool, pattern or all three

I am trying to make the Reversible Cable Scarf with some Fibreworks wool. I am not happy with how is it turning out but can't work out if it is the wool, the pattern or me or a combination of all three.

I am getting some professional help from Kelly so hopefully she can work it out.

My cake mix stealer

I made the famous lesley cupcakes from NC yesterday but doubled the recipe and OMG it made 54 cakes. Last time I made them double I got 30. I used new flour yesterday so I think that was the problem.

Anyway Flynn calls the beaters "lollo" (lolly) and I gave him one to lick. When i had gone out of his site he snuck back into the kitchen and proudly came into the lounge room with mixer up in the air "more lollo". He had scooped the mixer into the mixture and had it full of "lollo", could tell him off cause he was so proud.

Wooly pants

A non cloth friend asked me to make a pair of shorts for her DS , here are the results. I almost wanted to keep them for Flynn but he has lots of pairs anyway.