Friday, May 30, 2008

This is such a classic

I could watch this all day and i think I would still laugh

Love it love it should be more of it

This is very funny but so very informative

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Waves, I am still here

Just having technically difficulties ,like breaking my camera, DOH I went outside to take a photo of my lovely new plants in their pots and put it on the wheelie bin and it slide off.

SO cross, double swearing.

So i have been busy knitting.

1. Socks for me in Cleckheaton prints
2. Put some buttons finally on my CPH
3. Finished some longies for a 2year old and a newborn soaker and some newborn longies
4. SSHHHH finally worked out my small cable swap for Woolaholics and have finished. I made one thing and then had decided to do something to go with it. When i researched through her blog I found she had already had some. SO back to plan z cause I didn't have a plan B.
5. Finally picked up my Mr Greenjeans and only have the band to do and it is finished.

New projects I would like to accomplish

1. Digger jacket for Flynn
2. Socks socks and more socks for who ever
3. An item for me , not sure what ??????

So if you have missed me then thanks but I have been here just without a camera which is a bugger to say the least.

Oh and I also found my mobile phone in the washing machine so that just topped off my stupidity for the week

Friday, May 2, 2008

Cable Vesty

Just fell in love with this pattern and though i would use my peace fleece to make one for Flynn.

Very fast, made it quicker by doing the bottom half on circulars so no seaming ( I hate seaming).

Flynn wasn't awake when I finished it so convinced Neve to try it on. HA HA HA.