Saturday, June 30, 2007

Future cloth daddy

This is Flynn insisting that we have a nappy on a dolly. It had to be a green BBB and then changed to a blue BBB.

Super cute and I will show his wife in years to come that he can change a bum

Friday, June 29, 2007

Another swap

This was a swap for a brand new bubba I got a delicious Kids in cloth nappy with lime cord and wizard flannel. Love it.

The wool wasn't all that girly so i added swirly hem and flowers. Hope my recipient like them

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Swap time

This is a swap i have done for a little girl. Hope her mum likes them

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Emotional rollercoaster

This isn't a nappy post.

August 4th 2006 at the bank branch I work at was involved in a hold-up, I was on the counter which is not an experience that you want to go through seeing a man in front of you with a gun. Very emotional times and I have come through the other side a better person, a wary person but better for all of it.

Yesterday 21st June I went to the Adelaide court to day to see him sencented for his crime. Get his just deserts. We all the morning I was thinking would I be happy if he got 5 year and how will I feel if it is not long enough. How long is long enough really. He disruputed my families life and that will still be the same for many years.

Well suprisingly he got 12.5years ( woo hoo) with a non parol of 7.3years. Now that I am happy with.

So now today is a new day the day I can start getting on with my life. It is over for a while until he is realised. What a huge relief.

Very draining day I left home at 6.20am and got home at 6pm and went to bed at 7pm. I felt ill and tired and now I am sitting her at 2am not being able to sleep.

So if you got this far thanks.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Paddlepop Beetlebums YUMMO

Today I received this gorgeous napppy as a swap with the talented Melcheppi. This nappy is so soft and patable that you don't want any child to actally use it for what it was brought for.

The baby legwarmers were a gift (thanks Carla) and complete the outfit don't you think as well as my pink mobile phone. Love both gifts thankyou girls

Sunday, June 17, 2007

PJ day at school

This is the girls dressed for school and YES they are in their PJ's. It was PJ day at school. Neve didn't want her photo taken cause I laughed at her.

My girls the bridesmaids

My sister got married
back in April and the girls were really
excited to be involved. Thought I would share some
photos of us all dressed up as it doesn't happen very often

These woolies are both made from Monster knits wool. Love the bright colours that Elissa and Kris get. The wool feel like butter

These were my first ever longies and he still wears them they just need to be made a little longer. They were Utiku chocolate swirl.

This was a dye job I did that I thought OMG that is hiddious that is going to look the pits but Honestly it turned out fantastic. So i call it from drab to fab

These were a pair of stripped longies using Cleckheaton natural 8ply.

I had to do a few "jogless jogs" just so you couldn't see where the rows started.

They took alot of patience but I love them and Flynn is definatley getting the hang of posing for photos.

These are just some of the longies and capris I have made.

1st ones obviously the gorgeous tiger cub from Monster kits, great wool.

Seconds are some green gradient longies that i did using Jolly jumbuck and I embellished them with bees and a bee hive.

A friends longies

These longies were for a dear friend and her daughter Chloe.

With the help of another friend she crochet the flowers.

Friend and i dyed the wool together so it was a great day and they really turned out well

My first blog

Well here it is folks my first blog. Really just a space to put up woolies that I have made and Flynn nappy stash.

I guess a bit about myself first might help.

I am 31years old OMG , married to Shaun 38 and 3 great kids, Morgan (almost 9) , Neve 5 and my gorgeous boy Flynn almost 2.

When Flynn was 6months old I decided to look into the world of MCN. Little did I realise how addictive it could be. I thought I would spend a few hundred dollars and save money. What a laugh. Not possible to save money. Too many great WAHM making lots of lovely nappies.

Well last winter 06 I decided to give this thing of Woolies ago, very sceptical but thought I could learn to knit, well that turned into an obsession of its own.

So here is my blog to keep all my creations in one spot . Enjoy