Friday, January 30, 2009

Can brothers and sister look that much alike

Never thought it possible until Flynn came along and looks so much like Neve and is so like her in his mannerism and some things he does.

This is not the best photo but you can still see the resemblence. It is uncanny sometimes, his curls don't help him look like a boy either but they r so cute.

No it isn't dog poo

Since we have been Failsafe ( I will report later) I am having to make alot of stuff from scratch and it can get expensive.

So for decident tastes try this.
x 1

white ones chopped up

YOU will end up with something that resembles doggy doo but OMG it is too die for.

If you hadn't already guessed it is ICECREAM YUMMO. NO idea how many calories and not sure i want to know either.

Photo time


A promise i will make.............

Febuary will be my post a day or every few days . Lets see how I go.

Well lets see what has been happening.

Christmas, was great we didn't have to travel and we just had a relaxing day at home with friends, family and alcohol, what more could you ask for. All the kids were happy with there gifts and no one complained.

I had my birthday in Jan and that was spent with friends sitting chatting and eating and drinking, again more alcohol.

Can you see a pattern?

January flew by with kids at swimming lesson, birthdays, work and life.

I did take the kids away for a few days on my own and a friend came over with her two boys and you guessed it alot of beer was drunk but so needed 2 adults 2 girls and 3 boys.

The two older kids morgan and friend (boy) had a rather exciting adventure that they would rather forget. The tide was low all the way out to the end of the jetty, kids asked could they go in the water "no worries". The had a nice time walking knee deep through the water . At one stage they had stopped and weren't walking . I said to friend "what r they doing, they seem to be just standing there waving to us". NO not waving , having a hysterical fit cause they apparently were surrounded by crabs and they kids weren't moving.

After what seemed like a long time with kids screaming and crying Morgan legged it through the water and came up to me in tears. Boy couldn't move for fear and friend couldn't get him cause she has sunk into sand.

All like a comedy really. Finally kids rescued and all fine but never going swimming in "CRAB BEACH " again. LOL

Friend and I did have a good laugh about it later over beers.

I will sign off now and upload some photos for you to enjoy.