Friday, August 29, 2008

Love stripe socks just lazy

I love the look of stripy socks and started to do them using Bendigo classic for the main blue and some hand dyed knittery . But OMG weaving in the ends is a killer so I just did 1/2 strip and a contrast toe. I think it looks pretty good. Almost took me a week to do one sock which is a record cause usually I can knock them of pretty quickly but I have had such a full on week that is has been challenging to get anything done. The other one is on the needles right as we speak.

During the week was Neve's 7th birthday. Where has those years gone. She wanted cupcakes which is so easy . They looked and tasted great.

What does this face say?????

Cheeky comes to mind or just gorgeous. Do you agree?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Well they need somewhere to sleep

For the last 12months Flynn and Morgan have been sharing a room which isn't ideal but it has worked so far.

Morgan and Neve hadn't been able to share a room cause they drove me nuts about who is to clean up and any other stuff they think up.

So it is time that Flynn has his own room cause he is the only boy. We have a small house and can't afford a huge mortgage so we are staying here a bit longer.

We decided to get them bunks but due to a low roof and a ceiling fan it is a no go for normal bunks.

We have ordered these for the girls and why we were at it ordered Flynn a new bed too with trundle which solves our other issue of needing a spare bed.

How to spend $1700 in a few minutes but at least they will have great new beds. Can;t wait until they are made.

One good thing is that they are Australian made with Australia products.

Come inside it's Playschool

Yesterday a group of mums and kids drove to Gawler to see Playschool Live.

It was great fun, bringing back allsorts of memories and some of them weren't playschool related.

Alex Papps was the Playschool person as well as Angela.

My sister and I had a huge crush on him when he was in The Henderson Kids playing Vinnie and then on to Home and Away as Frank.

I was just about having heart palpations remembering how my room used to be plastered with posters of him.

So to totally embarass myself I asked if he could sign a picture I happened to find in my bag that Flynn has drew to give to my sister. I said to him "my sister who is 36 had a major crush on you 20years ago could you sign this for her".. He asked her name and wrote "to Jo love Alec" She didn't believe me when I told her . LOL The things we do to get back at our sisters.

We had a great time watching them but apparently I sing really bad cause Flynn kept putting his hand up to me saying "stop not you signing". Don't you just love kids to tell you you suck at signing.

I personnally didn't think I was that bad LOL

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Knit , knit , knit.

Just few things off the needles.

I have made this vest for a swap and having finally finished it. I couldn't decide what to do with the edging because I can't crochet but came up with a ruffled look which I think doesn't look too bad really. What do you think? The pattern is Mara

Neve kindly modeled it for me so I could take photos.

I started making these socks for someone else as a gift but I liked them so they went on my feet instead. HA HA HA.

The are a simple Moda Vera sock wool from Spotlight in the pattern that was on the ball band. I lost the ball band but someone of Rav came to the rescue and helped me out.

I kissed a girl.......

Well actually no , but I was kissed by one on Friday night, very strange. Great night though

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sweet Berry Capris

Dyed up some The knittery wool up myself and just wasn;t sure how it would knit up.

You know how you like the colour but somehow you just can't imagine how it will look as something.

Decided to do some capris cause I am sure we will have some sun one day. BRRRRRRR it has been cold here.

So I am pleased with how it looks , so tiny, squishy and gorgeous berry colours.

I did a fancy girly hem ( total loss on what it is called) and I think they look pretty summery.

A hat for a friend

I overheard a friend saying yesterday that she could find a hat with ear flaps that she liked. SO I thought I would be sneaky and knit here one.

Started last night and completed today.

Just a basic Ear Flap Hat that you can either do plan, fair isle or stripes or whatever you fancy. I love the wool. It was Monsoon designs in Dragon fly, so soft and I really wanted to keep the yarn for myself but no the kindness in me gave it away.

The hat has no tassels but that is how she wanted it , just to keep her ears warm when walking in this freezing cold weather.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Small change = Big change

Not sure if you have noticed my small change counter on the side.

Back in Mid July I decided to see how much change I accumulate in a week/month. I started by adding my small change into a tin, you know one of those $$$$ tins that can't be opened. Otherwise if it wasn't an unopenable on I am sure I wouldn've borrowed from it already.

I have just been putting coins in there and the odd $$$. A friend owed me $$ for a few things but I hadn't missed the $$ so thought "if it is in my purse I will spend it, if I put it in my tin it is there for ever until I open it".

It is so surprising how many coins to can accumulate .

So my tally stands today at $177. This is without much effort at all and I have no idea what I will be spending it on when I decide to open it up.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Come fly a kite with me.........

Sorry no photos forgot camera as usual.

We went for a kite flying day at a nearby town, well as nearby as 1hour away is.

Neve was short listed in a colouring competition so we were going to get her award. The kids had made kites at school and we could take them with us but we weren't really sure what for.

Anyway Morgan entered her kite and then all the kids had to fly there kites. They called everyone up for the announcement of the kite making competition . There were 5 winners and the prize was $200 each.

Well guess who won Morgan, $200 just for her. SHe was so stoked and so proud and we all were.

The day was good there were kites everywhere. Mermaids, sharks, orca's, little ones, big ones.

When we got there Flynn was asleep and when he woke up we had to sit in the car for about 1hour cause he was scared of the SHARK. I kept saying "want to get out the car", "NO SHARK OUT THERE". So cute but so annoying to spend the time in the car.

Well thanks for reading