Sunday, June 21, 2009

I love mess NOT NOT NOT

I hate mess involving flour, sugar, dirt anything but I bit the bullet today and let Flynn and two of his friends make biscuits. It is so hard not to say " I'll do it , or let me show you" just to avoid mess and them not doing it right.

I set them up on the back table in the sunshine and I think they had a great time. I will do it again as it wasn't that bad.

Hundreds & Thousands Biscuits (now that I've found natural ones)

60G butter
1/3 C sugar
1 egg
1.5tspn milk
2/3 C sr flour
1/2 C plain flour
200g pkt hundreds and thousands
extra milk

Cream butter, add sugar gradually, beat until light and fluffy. Add well beaten egg and milk. Add sifted SR flour, mix well. Gradually mix in sifted plain flour until dough is firm enough to handle. Refrigerate at least 1 hour. Roll our dough to 5mm thickness between 2 sheets of greaseproof paper, cut with floured 5cm round cutter (we use all different shaped cutters). Put on lightly greased oven trays, brush with milk sprinkle with hundreds and thousands. This can be done by using the cutter as a guide. Bake in mod (180C) for 8-10 minutes. Allow to cool on tray before removing. Makes about 30.

Scone, Jam and cream anyone

Got this great recipe from NC Sugarfish and it is superb.

I made double batch and got 51 scones out of it. I invited friends round for afternoon tea just so i could prove I can make a great scone. LOL

There are non left today OOOPPS. They are so easy . Was going to make more today but had no flour so tomorrow I will make more.

How many elephants does it take to make a boy happy??

Two and make sure it is yellow.

Flynn love yellow and he insisted that the next elephant be yellow.

So here she is Ellie the Elephant

Just keeping busy

Well I decided after much deliberation to make this and was very excited to get started. FREE pattern YEAH, but OMG I couldn't understand it so was feeling very deflated. I wouldn't call myself a superb knitter but most patterns i can understand and considering I have only been doing it for 3.5years I don't think I do a bad job but I truly couldn't understand it. I like patterns to have it all written out not just say "now repeat on the opposite side". That requires me to think to much SORRY.

I think quickly without a second though came across Jade . I had some bendigo 12ply in my stash well a little of it anyway so cast on and managed to get to the underarms before I ran out of wool. Yarn ordered and now waiting , very patiently NOT.

So can;t sit idle cast on for Monkey socks. Now I do love the look of them but I couldn't really understand why 9415 Ravelry people have made these. But they are so great and so fast to knit up for a 4ply patttern.. You can easily knit one in a few days which is not bad for a sock.

The yarn is some I dyed up ages ago and had no real idea what to use it for but it works perfect for Monkeys. A friend saw them and she fell in love with them and keeps saying " these fit me so well". It truly is a great pattern and so easy to follow, but I have decided I need stuff written out I don't seem to be able to follow a chart. I need it expained to me in plainish english. LOL

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Funny chickens and child

Just thought I would add some more of our funny chicken.

We found her this morning on top of the climbing frame looking like she was ready to slide. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. CLUCK CLUCK CLUCK

Flynn just being monkey like normal out in the freezing cold. He did have shorts on but somehow I managed to talk him into pants.LOL

1 more for today

6. Felix cardigan -Love this pattern so easy to follow and so cute. buttons brought just need to be added

Told u i have been busy LOL

5. Flynns beanie- While I had no computer to print from I thought I would utilise the books I had brought . SO out came "Knitting Rules" Stephanie Pearl- Mcphee and I used her method to make a grooby hat for Flynn. He hated it to start with but now wears it to bed, and where ever he can LOL

More FO's

3. One skein scarf - in gorgeous Woolganic Gondawana. Brought 4 balls but didn't want to use it all . Need to savour the wool so only used 2 and made a short scarf to put into jackets and coats.

4. Sarah's Cable hat - Also using Woolganic in Kundalini . Made for Morgan and I think it suits her. The cables are easy and it really knits up in a night or two.

I have a great excuse

We have had computer malfunctions and have been using a tiny laptop with about a 10cm screen till we brought our new baby with a huge HUGE screen.

I have been super busy and lots of FO from the needles.

1. ballaband dishcloth- always been intriged by this pattern and now have learn it is super easy.

2. H socks - I wanted to finish up the jolly jumbuch Freya yarn in oregon which I love and thought a short pair of these socks on from "2 at a time" would be good. OMG how frustrating to get into the rythm with this method, but I did it so all worked out in the end.