Saturday, June 21, 2008

Friday, June 20, 2008

One more for the day

It thought I should post a picture of my girls.

There was a lot of dramas to get this photo. Neve kept saying "I'm not having my photo taken with Morgan" etc, there was a bit more fighting along the way but we got there in the end.

We got another gorgeous delivery from Buggz too , just love the quality of Narelles stuff

Photo friendly Friday

Well after working all day I had to come home and make a chocolate cake for Hockey tomorrow. Just what you feel like doing NOT, but first I had to clean up the kitchen YUCKKO.

Well I had my little chocolate monster standing next to me saying " me have sum". I love listening to him talk it makes me go all gooey.

Here are the results of my chocolate monster.

He is a very cute one at that , don't you agree

Just what you need after a long day at work, Wooly mail

Well the title isn;t true cause I picked it up from the post office this morning but it was still a lovely start to the day.

11 balls of WOOLganic yarn, what more could a person ask for . So far I have no plans for the above but to pat it for a while but i am sure i will come up with something soon.

Monday, June 16, 2008

An early birthday present

My baby will be 3 next month and we decided to get him a bike with a parents handle.

He loves it. He used to want to walk down the street which is fine but then wouldn't walk home GRRR which meant we had to carry him and that just killed my back.

He is so proud of his bike and love every minute of it.

He also made the elephant mask today at occasional care and was also extremely proud of that too.

From me again.........

I was a busy little bee this morning.

Flynn went of happily to Occasional Care which he normally doesn't. We had a chat last night how mummy was going to take him to "kindy" , we could say "goodbye" to each other and then kiss and he would be happy for me to go. When we got there I said " can mummy go now" "NO" was his answer. But his friend turned up and all went to plan , so I had a few hours to myself which is rare for me to be home and get done what I want.

So I did some ironing and dyed some wool. I got new dyes weeks ago but haven't had a chance to have a play yet. Here are the results.

Sock club YUMMO

Green is my absolute fav colour and it suits me having red hair which is good.

Dyelicious sock club instalment is the divine green colour way .

Take a look, don't drool to much on you keyboard.

If you want to get a sock club instalment head on over the Yarn Collective.

Also they have just announced a soaker club too, pitty I have no one in soakers anymore.

Wooly mail, mostly wooly bargains HE HE HE

Well picked up some huge bargains recently.

Karma from NC was getting rid of some of her stash , so there was a fast buy out session to grab some great stuff and cheap too.

The next batch is from the store that closed intown so I have been picking up some huge bargains. She charges us wholesale but sometime whatever she feel like it which means great buys. I feel a little bit guily about the blue skein , she gave it too me and heaps of other stuff which a friend has .

New camera finally..

As you can see I have been busy while my camera has been broken. We brought a cheap second hand one from ebay to tied us over.

1,2. Socks for Morgan , simple anklets for her
3. Longies for unborn baby
4. Longies for secret
5. Scarf for me.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Australias got talent

I will admit I have been watching this a little and just love this group. They are so talented and really get the crowd going.

More music

Love this , it speaks for itself.

Also get up and dance


And no not that kind.

Found this fabulous site that sells handmade , well priced clothing for boys at the moment.


Looks like she has an auction starting each week and going for a few days. We picked up some great fishy pants and top for total of $24 and a pair of pants for $14.

Well made, great sizing and great service too.

Love them

Favourite music

Now press play, swivel those hips and get moving.

This song just make me move and sing really loud.

Swaps and RAOK love it all

I participated in a Cable swap at Woolaholics and a RAOK also. I got a gorgeous Irish hiking scarf and gloves from the lovely Mooska . I have got many comments about this gorgeous set and want to say "yes I made it " but I can't lie.

I then go the next day my RAOK swap. It was just fantastic. I knew who it was straight away from the project bag. I am using it every day and really love it so much. All other gift were just so what i wanted. They came from Peta who just had a baby so did very well to have all that organised before baby came.

Both girls researched me very well cause all of it was perfect for me.

I sent the ever so lovely Suzanne a Fetching inspired socks and Sarah's cable hat . They were fun to make and even better having the recipient like them.

Still hanging around..............

Lots of things happening at home at the moment. I am about to take on more work at work which is doing 4 days for while cause the other staff member is having an operations.

I got accepted into the SA ambulance service as a volunteer , so this means heaps of study and weekend courses. YEAH

On the opening business issue, there are a lot of thing to think about and sometimes it all seems too much in my head. I am slowly getting there and have a few ideas floating around but trying to find the right information or that nitty gritty information can be hard. I can't even work out how to do a logo or banner. SO not computer smart.

I came up with this today but not sure if I will use it but please don't steal it from me.LOL


I still haven't got camera up and running, we brought a cheap one of ebay but it hasn't turned up yet and I am feeling dubious about it anyway.

Hopefully I will have one up and running and you can all see what I have been doing , I have been busy.

Tomorrow i am having a break from my family and driving to Adelaide to see Sex in the City which I can't wait. A whole day out , lunch and a movie and a bit of shopping.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Secret things happening

Well I may be branching out from just knitting for my kids and me, there maybe a little collaboration going on if I can stop being so nervous about it all.

I truly hope it all goes to plan and things work out but life sometimes buts in and things don't always go as you want.

So keep your eyes and ears peeled cause there might be some exciting new soon.

See I have been busy just having to keep it all under wraps