Saturday, September 20, 2008

Finally come to the Failsafe diet

M and I have been having issues for years and these last few weeks have become a nightmare. It was just getting ridiculous that I decided to take her away for two days just her and I and spent some one on one time with each other.

We did lots of shopping for clothes for her and shoes she needed.

We saw Mumma Mia which was great.

So back to M, I asked her if she wanted to try The Failsafe diet if we could find the book to follow what she says. Anyway we found the book and shopped according to the diet and we will see how we go. We have to avoid all additives and colouring and so other nasties that they put in foods. It is challenging but I am willing to give it a go

I think I stuffed up on the bread though cause I only looked for 282 not vinegar so will have to make some this week to give to her.

I really want this to work for her so she is a happier girl and I am a happier person to cause I am not having to deal with constant tantrums .

So will keep you updated.

I have been knitting but it has been so slow. I started making a pair of Jaywalkers but then realised they are too small. I have a really heigh top of my foot , not really the instep the bit directly below my leg and I have trouble getting some shoes and socks on.

Will update with piccys later this week.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Girls beds finsihed - 6hours long

I finally finished the girls bunks.

It took a bit longer due to using stain so needing to dry 8hours between coats and needing 3 coats.

I put them together yesterday and then tidied and culled the room, that took a mammoth 6hours.

The end result is great and they loved it which is the main thing but today it looks nothing like it did yesterday (very sad).

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Motivation is thick and fast

I am sick of our garden looking like a shambles so I have made it my misson to get it sorted.

I hate weeding and stuff but it needs to be done and Shaun either can't be bothered or is working to do it so I guess I will have to pull some imaginary hours out of my bum and do something about it.

We did a big clean up and went to the dump the other week and got rid of some metal last week, now it is just the weeds and stuff.

It is depressing to see all the weeds but it has to be done.

I will get some piccys for you soon and then do some after shots unless I loose motivation before hand.

Busy as a beaver ...

This week I am really motivated.

We got the kids beds on Monday so I decided it was my task to paint them and assemble them this week.

I got Flynns finished within 1.5days and cause the paint was a washed out effect it took next to no time to dry so his bed was done yesterday. I was just so desperate to get it finished I didn't wait for help I just did it myself.

I love the end result and so does he. His comment "Awesome mummy, look my big bed".

He loves it no end.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The adventures of teddy

Neve came home today with the gorgeous little teddy I questioned where it came from as you do.

She told me she gets to keep him till Friday and we have to write in his diary about his encounters while he is with us. The start of the story has to be "dear diary today I ......." and you write it as you are the teddy

The other kids who have had him wrote a story and had pictures from Birthday parties, sleepover etc.

We decided we would take him to our favourite coffee shop and them she could write a story about him being there.

I thought it was a great idea for the kids to do something on there own. She had the story written in about 5mins and the whole thing done with 1/2hour.

New camera again

After I broke my good camera we brought a cheap one from ebay but it really didn't do what I would've liked.

We cased in our Flybuys and got a good new one so took a few photos.

Sock completed Yeah

Finished the second sock which took only 2 days after taking over a week for one sock.

Very thick and comfy and now it is too hot for them LOL