Friday, November 23, 2007

Dishcloth or facewasher , dishcloth or fashwasher that is the question

Thanks to the Woolaholics girls I have become addicted to facewasher/dishcloths

They are so easy and fun to make. So are simple where other are challenging.

The pink one it called Dishcloth pattern #008, blue one is from the 100 One skein wonders book, and the blue unfinished is Garterlec dishcloth. I ran out of blue just near the end so have had to order more from Natty yarns.


NC rocks

A little while ago i put out a SOS on Nappycino about Teletubbies. Flynn loves them and as you can't buy much in the shops any more I asked for some help. A kind and generous NC member Joh sent us this great package for free which is so kind of her. Flynn loves it all and the bag goes everywhere with us.

I couldn't even get him to look at the camera for a photo cause he was so in love with it all.

Finally Amazon delivers

Two weeks after the first delivery I finally got all the books. There were only 4 not 5 . I love them all except the other 1 skein wonders isn't that great.

I have made the bag on the front of the knitted gifts cover in bright pink, orange and yellow , looks very cool.

Also made a couple of dishcloths which are really addictive.

Slack blogger

Sorry it has been awhile since I posted but today I will make mamoth posts. No one is here besides me so i am so making the most of it all. So be prepared

Monday, November 5, 2007

Amazon parcel delivery

I ordered 5 knitting books from Amazon cause the exchange rate was so good. Very naughty of me really but who cares.

It is coming in 3 packages all send within 3 days of each other (go figure). Anyway this was the last one to be sent but first to arrive.

Quick easy pattern that will be great for gifts and things.

Saturday market bag

This is for Morgan for Xmas and I am thinking I might line it so things don't fall out. The pattern is from Magknit here and the yarn is Lily Sugar n' Cream in playtime. great bright colours and not that hard to make once you have the hang of the pattern repeat.